Testimonials — See how FFP makes a difference

Focus Forward not only made us friends, it also made us family. It was our 120 minutes of freedom. It was our positive time in a negative environment... My experience in Focus Forward will stay with me forever.
— Nico, 2018 Graduate
What I gained from this course is, first, how to be open-minded. How to focus on realistic goals. How to feel confident to not to let anything or anybody discourage you from the success you want to achieve.
— Denise, 2017 Graduate
I gained self confidence. Focus Forward helped me smile more. I came to this program thinking it was only to help my case, but it helped me in so many different ways. It is rare that I smile and tell jokes. Coming here was like coming to see my cousins I haven’t seen in a long time. Conversations I actually wanted to engage in, laughs, jokes, and most importantly, someone to listen to me, and give me feedback and confidence.
— C., 2017 Graduate
For the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to spend 2 hours a week with some wonderful people, and got to share and hear personal experiences...Initially I was reluctant to sign up for the class....I am glad I stuck with the course because it helped me tremendously to cope with my case. Every week I was looking forward to spending time with the people I can now call my friends. There was no one judging you or looking down on you. We had a good time discussing the reading materials provided. About the instructors of the course, all I will say is they are awesome.
— S., 2017 Graduate
I gained a lot from this class but I think stability was the main thing. Reading and writing every week was something that I was not used to, so I’m happy to say I feel good about this new found me. I learned that reality changes every day and it’s up to me to accept those changes with a positive attitude. I really believe my hopes and dreams are within my grasp. I just have to stay focused and work hard.
— Dennis, 2014 Graduate
I gained a sense of hope for my future— my life isn’t over, it has now begun. I gained the belief that I can make a difference in this world.
— Jarh, 2013 Graduate
During the course of this class, I have learned many things. I have learned the importance of setting goals for my future in order to stay motivated. I have learned the importance of a positive attitude. The most important thing I learned was how to speak publicly. This is something that I have never done before. But the best thing about this entire experience is the reminder that there are people who care. Justine and Alex never judged us for the mistakes that we made. They taught us to want more from ourselves and more out of life. This has been an experience I will never forget.
— Ozzy, 2012 Graduate
We had an assignment to read a book called A Long Way Gone. The book really opened up my eyes and heart because I always thought I had it bad, but there are lots of people out there that are in worse positions that I could ever be in. I also learned that it doesn’t matter what you been through. You can always change for the better. And that is one of the things that Focus Forward has done for me.
— Michael, 2012 Graduate
I want nothing more to become a productive member of society, and particularly to take care of my family. The means to do this will be in obtaining a good job, and you have given me some skills on how to do this. I have learned that I have a lot to offer. I am not just a number. I am living proof of what Ishmael’s story is about.
— Orlando, 2012 Graduate