Focus Forward has redefined the term “reentry." While reentry programming and services are typically offered to individuals who have already served their prison sentences, The Focus Forward Project was founded on the core belief that planning for the future should begin on day one of a criminal case.

Reentry is an inherently limited term because it focuses attention on only one part of an individual’s journey through the criminal justice system: the release from prison and reintegration into the community. The Focus Forward vision of reentry is larger than that. Reentry is not a moment; it is a process. It begins with the harrowing and stressful period of arrest and the filing of criminal charges. It includes the transformative moment when an individual realizes that it is necessary for him or her to reevalute past choices – to make changes in order to create a different future. And it includes the connection to a strong support system after a person reenters the community. 

Focus Forward’s approach is completely unique – we are the only non-profit in the United States to work with individuals from the pretrial phase of their case through reintegration into the community. While our 12-week course is at the core of our program, we provide support through the sentencing process, through the duration of a prison term, and finally through the transition back into the community.

The process of reentry can be exhilarating, terrifying, demoralizing and strengthening all at once. It is a daunting struggle that should not be faced alone. Focus Forward works with participants from the beginning of their case to create a supportive community. We believe that it is never too soon to begin to plan for the future, nor is it ever too early to provide encouragement and to foster hope.  We believe that the road to successful reentry must begin today.