The Focus Forward Project, Inc.™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing men and women charged with federal crimes with an educational and emotional outlet through a 12-week program. Our program is offered in federal jails and for individuals out on bail under pretrial supervision.

The period of time that an individual spends awaiting trial or sentencing lasts 8 months on average and is a time of great stress. The main goal of our course is to provide participants with tools to better utilize this period of uncertainty and begin to focus on the future by creating a plan for reentry. Regardless of whether a graduate receives an incarceratory sentence, the experience gained through the Focus Forward Project is invaluable because of our emphasis on proactive planning, positive reinforcement, and self motivation. 

Our course is designed to improve reading comprehension and teach life skills vital for success. Our small class size encourages honest discussion and a trusting, supportive environment where participants are free to express ideas and share feelings. By creating a safe and unique community, participants are able to work through their struggles, together, and begin to focus on their future.

We believe that successful reentry begins long before a sentence is imposed. Currently there are over 18,000 individuals incarcerated in federal pretrial detention facilities and over 26,000 people under pretrial supervision with limited access to educational opportunities. The mission of the Focus Forward Project, Inc.™ is to provide this underserved and often forgotten population with an opportunity to prepare for successful reentry and a future free of crime. We believe that if given the chance to engage in constructive discussion, acquire new skills, and grow as an individual, each participant can gain the confidence and tools to move forward successfully in their lives.